FilmTec Reverse Osmosis Membranes

FilmTec Reverse Osmosis Membranes

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8 inch brackish water for commercial and industrial

  • FILMTEC BW30-400 is the industry standard for 8040 RO membrane
  • FILMTEC BW30-400/34i with fouling resistance due to 34 mil feed spacer
  • FILMTEC BW30HR-440i offers increase membrane area.

8 inch sea water membrane for commercial and industrial
  • Filmtec SW30 HRLE 440i

4 inch for water refilling stations

High TDS water

  • BW30-4040 (225 psi) 99.5% rejection, high pressure, 2400 gpd
  • LC HR-4040 (225 psi) 99.7% rejection, high pressure, 2900 gpd*
*Improved version of BW30-4040, same pressure but higher flow.
    Low TDS water
    • Filmtec LCLE-4040
    (125 psi) flow rate 2,500 gpd at 99.2% rejection, 2000 feed ppm
    (150 psi) flow rate 3,280 gpd at 99.2% rejection, 1500 feed ppm
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